Independent Consultant. Certified Coach.

Ann_HutchinsI’m a Consultant and Financial Coach focused on increasing the strategic effectiveness and financial intelligence of my clients. Using the skills developed in a 20+ year career as security analyst, portfolio manager, and chief investment officer in the investment industry, combined with coaching skills developed as an independent consultant and certified financial coach, I collaborate with my clients to ignite awareness and access understanding of what drives financial choices. This type of financial coaching engagement leads my clients to increased confidence in making their personal financial choices rooted in their personal financial style, and to develop new skills that allow them to access available resources that support them in their financial choices for the future.

I’m not offering accounting or financial planning services—financial coaching engagements with me are collaborative, and geared towards leading clients through a fun and important exploration of their current relationship with money, while uncovering common barriers and choosing tools that promote a sustainable, healthy view of money.

I have over 20 years of investment experience, and hold an MBA in Finance from Babson College and a BA in American Studies from Hamilton College. Originally from Massachusetts, I now live in California, where I thoroughly enjoy the outdoor lifestyle the state offers—sailing, biking, swimming and, occasionally, participating in triathlons. I’ve also held Board of Trustee positions at both Babson College and Hamilton College, am a past Board member of the Women’s Economic Ventures in Santa Barbara, and currently serve as Treasurer and Board member of The Eleos Foundation.

My coaching style combines professionalism with integrity and approachability allowing me to informally demystify finances and financial concepts for clients seeking guidance—and a sustainable way forward in their financial lives.

Most recently, I’ve engaged with clients in financial services and nonprofit industries. In addition, I enjoy working with families and children in the area of financial literacy.

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