Happy Independence Day!

It’s too bad last weekend wasn’t the holiday weekend – it seemed like there was a lot of news out of the Supreme Court worth celebrating.  This week, we don’t seem so independent – as the financial markets wait… Continue reading

The family team

Last week, I talked about coopetition and building your team of professionals.  Probably backwards, but what it brought up was a question about opening the conversation around money with your family.  The reason I became a financial coach… Continue reading

Resources – work with your team (or get one!)

At a meeting of like-minded professionals this morning, I was struck by the amount of “co-opetition” happening in the room.  Wealth managers, attorneys, CPAs, insurance professionals and business strategists were among those represented, and the focus of conversation –… Continue reading

And who is the customer here?

I moved last week, and in preparation for the move, I decided to do something I’d been thinking about for a while – switch service providers for my cell phone service.  And I did two things that were out… Continue reading

Context matters

Happy New Year!!

Resolutions, plans, goals, budgets – how often have you seen them in the headlines in the past week??? And how often have you thought “I gotta get me some of those – after …” (fill in the… Continue reading

Kids, Wealth and Consequences

This book is one of 3 books in the field that I refer parents to when they ask, during financial coaching sessions, “How do we, as a family, talk about wealth in a healthy way.”  No matter what level… Continue reading

Children of Paradise

As a guest on “Money In Your Life”, Lee Hausner was fun, empathetic, real and practical – and she writes in the same voice.  This book is drawn from Lee’s work as the principal Psychologist in the Beverly Hills… Continue reading

The Legacy Family

This is the second book (not in any order of priority – your number one may be different from mine!) for families who are working to take the long view and break the very real “shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves in three generations” cycle… Continue reading

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Talking to kids about money- whether they are your own, in your extended family or those you influence – in a way that makes them want to learn about it and how it can support and expand their choices, is… Continue reading

newbookNew Book by Kim Stephenson & Ann B. Hutchins

Finance Is Personal: Making Your Money Work for You in College and Beyond

"Although some of the most important decisions we make in life are financial, most people rely on their intuition rather than reason. In Finance Is Personal, the authors digest key findings from psychology to help readers leverage their natural style, preferences, and values in order to make more effective and profitable choices. This book will do more to increase young people's financial IQ than any formal course, MBA, or business experience―a must read!"

(Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premunzic, professor of business psychology at University College London, visiting professor at Columbia University, vice president of research and innovation at Hogan Assessments, and the co-founder of metaprofiling.com.)

Exclusively Available at Amazon.com Here