Our Financial Coaching Engagement

I work with individuals and families to develop an appreciation for the choices they make with their money. Whether you’re mid career, in a family transition, or wish to engage multi-generational members of your closest circle in conversations about money, we’ll explore topics with transparency, honesty, and curiosity—and you will choose the best tools that makes sense for you.

What you can expect from me as a money coach:
  • A totally accepting, non-judgmental presence
  • 100% confidentiality
  • An unwavering and supportive structure
  • Powerful questions that help you clarify your thoughts, and which trigger new insights, ideas, perspectives, and behaviors
  • Knowledge, skills, experience
  • Tools, techniques, and signposts to additional resources
  • And, when appropriate and requested, advice and suggestions




For a successful engagement, I will:
  • Insist that you take yourself seriously, put yourself first when necessary, and believe in the importance of your hopes and dreams.
  • Challenge you if you let your internal saboteur make your decisions or inform your actions.
  • Listen, not just to what you are saying, but to how you are saying it. The feelings behind your words offer cues as to what rings true and what doesn’t, reveal flow, and uncover disconnects or resistance. To really listen to where you come alive or where the energy in your voice drops gets you so much closer to realizing your goals!

Our Ultimate Outcome?  That you learn how to manage your money — instead of your money managing you.

Our Collaboration

Because all our work together is informal, direct, nonjudgmental, and strictly confidential, we can choose to meet in a variety of ways:

  • In person or over the phone
  • One-to-one or with your partner or family
  • In partnership with a money manager (or I can assist you in choosing a money manager/financial planning professional)

Our minimum engagement is six (6) one-hour sessions for individuals or family groups. All engagements are tailored to the individual or group and are designed around an agreed upon coachable issue.

After we decide we are a good fit to work together, we’ll spend our first official meeting of engagement clarifying our collaboration and the desired outcomes of our coaching work. We’ll create and sign a contract that outlines our mutually agreed upon work, and move forward from there!

For engagements with financial professionals (including family offices or other money managers), our minimum engagement is six (6) one-hour sessions with you, and a minimum of three (3) hours with your investment professional (for nine (9) hours total).

Financial Coaching Core Values

Trust — We both trust each other to share what’s important, actively listen to ensure understanding, and engage in meaningful conversation about what matters most.

Enjoyment — We ensure you gain confidence around your money matters, which is both empowering and fun!

Sustainability — We develop and collect resources, tools, and skills toward creating lasting solutions for future learning and decision-making about money.

Motivation — We are both committed to our financial coaching engagement and its outcomes.

Collaboration — We both actively engage in each session, with shared goals in mind.

Transparency — We both say what is true, obvious, and helpful without distraction or obscuring key details that would prevent an honest/best solution from developing in our sessions together.

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